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Sports and Outdoor Activities

Bob Bottorf
Sports Editor


Newspaper Sports Coverage

Now living in Arizona, I am still 
busy officiating high school and college track meets ...
Bob Bottorf

"The Grappler"
(Circa 1951)


"The Fisherman"

(This one didn't get away)


Our Class ...

Bellefonte High School Athletics
Related Activities

CLASS of 1952


J. V. Cheerleaders
Anna Gordon, Mary Alice Smith, Joann Benner
Jean Thompson, Carol Love, Georgie Dickson
olly Walker, Mariann Mattern

Varsity Cheerleaders

Donna Johnson & Mary Dann



Chieftains, chieftians
Hear our call!
Chieftians, chieftains,
Get that ball!
Yeah, Chieftians,
Raise that score!
Yeah chieftians,
We want more!
"Booma Lacka"

Booma lacka, booma lacka,
Bow Wow Wow
Chica lacka, chica lacka,
Chow, chow, chow,
Are we in it? Well I guess!
We belong to B.H.S.

"Hoop Rah"

Hoop rah, booma rah!
Rip rah date!
State College High School is our bait.


Girl's Athletic Association

Mary Coder, Erma Crust, Eleanor Markle, Beryl Bloom, Faye Fetteroff, 
Barbara Bigelow, Joann Benner, Beverly Ripka, ClaudetteYoung, Phyllis Hall, 
Beverly Gardner, Sara Mosley, Phyllis McMullin, Sara Novosel, Virginia Tate, 
Shirley Ishler, Beverly Bush, Lucy Boldin, Barbara Shuey, Lois Witherite, 
Sherry Keeler, Lois Williams, Beverly  Schlegal, Rose Ann Lowery, Peggy Davis,
Shirley White, Frances Kucas, Jean Watson,  Mary Baumgardner, Martha Regal, 
Elizabeth White, Shirley White , Lois Stewart


Buzz McCartney, Charles Wian, Walter Yearick, Richard Nelo, John Masullo, 
Phil Ramish, Ray Walker, Robert Schaffer, Richard  Smeltzer, Bob Riglin, 
Richard Davidson, Ronald Kelley, George Davidson, Gene  Mayes, Mark Shuey, 
Stroade Shay


Sports for Spectators Club

Mary Lou Hazel, Virginia Tate, Claudette Young



Yeagertown       6 - 7
   Lewistown         0 - 12
   Mt. Union         18 - 0
S. Williamsport   19 - 6
    Jersey Shore    12 -26
Lock Haven          12 - 6
      Lewisburg        13 - 12
    Clearfield          9 - 12
     Philipsburg        0 - 18 
  State College      26 - 0

Captain: Bob "Bike" Bottorf
Co-Captains: Dick Ishler & Dick Meckes

*Bob Bottorf, Bill Fisher, Harold Flick, *Dick Ishler, Gib King, Carl Krebs,
Harold Lucas, Ken McMullen,**Dick Meckes, Bob Shultz, Doug Smith, 
Gene Teaman, Harold Williams


 Irv Schlegal & Bill Summers

*Bob Bottorf  & Dick Ishler played college football at Bloomsburg State Teachers College.
**Dick Meckes played for Lock Haven STC.


After 1951 State College Game


       Lots of Indians 
     State College Game           


Fred Bell



Penn State Photo Shop 
(Compliments of Gib King)

First row, from left, Dean Butler, Dick Ishler, Bob Hayes, Bill Fisher, Harold Coakley, 
Dick Meckes and Tom Saxion. Second row, Harold Williams, Bike Bottorf, Doug Smith, 
Gib King, Ken McMullen, Chuck Casper and Harold Lucas. Absent, Harold Flick,
Carl Krebs, Bob Shultz and Gene Teaman


(Submitted by Tom Saxon)
Harold Williams, Capt. Bike Bottorf, Dick Meckes, Harold Lucas, Chuck Casper


(Submitted by Tom Saxon)
Ken McMullen, Dick Ishler, Bob Hayes, Doug Smith,
Harold Coakley, Gene Teaman, Tom Saxon

Bill Fisher                               Bob Shultz

Harold Flick                       Gib King 

Carl Krebs (Absent)  


Front Row: Red Flynn, Dick Meckes, Dick Ishler, Doug Smith, Bob Whipple, Gerry Evey, 
Don Rote, Frank Clemson, Bob Genua
2nd Row:  Jim Harsayni (Coach), Jay Rossman, Bike Bottorf, Jack Shaughnessy, Bill Fisher,
Tom Shaughnessy, Harold Williams, Tom Musser, Harold Lucas, Irv Schlegal
3rd Row:  Jim Walizer, Gene Teaman, Sam McCulley, Gib King, Ken McMullen, Pete Bathurst,
Carl Krebs, Fred Bell (Coach)



       Co-Captains: Bob Shultz & Dick Ishler

     James  Harsanyi


Dick Ishler, Ken McMullen, Dick Meckes

      Bob Shultz                           Dick Ishler

               Bill Summers & Gene Cougar Gentzel


ED note: Can you guess...
Sports Editor
Bob Bottorf was a wrestler.

Captain - Bill Fisher

*District 6-9 P.I.A.A. Champ 
(Millerville STC)


Bob Davis                                          Bob Heverly

Carl Krebs                                          John Warner


Glenn Smith
3 State Champs in 4 Years
(Excerpts from RED & WHITE / March 14, 1950)

Glenn Smith came to Bellefonte High School four years ago -- right after graduating from Penn
State. While in college he was Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association champion at 
155 lbs.   
Inaugurating the sport of wrestling to BHS in 1947, his record the first year was five losses and one 
win; at Muncy High School.  The following season many new recruits turned out for the program, 
and the matmen garnered a record of 11 wins and no loses. Winning at the State tournament, Tom 
Riglin became Bellefonte's first state champ at 95 pounds.

Interest in the sport increased, and a junior varsity team was formed during Smith's third year at 
the helm. With a win streak of 21 victories to their credit, the team's only loss was in a one point 
defeat at the hands of an experienced Clearfield team at Penn State's Recreation Hall. True, 
Bellefonte lost by one point, but it showed that the power was shifting our way. At season's end, 
Joe Masullo won Bellefonte's second state title -- at 120 pounds.

Smith's fourth season was another successful one as he guided the team to another unbeaten 
season - 10 wins and one tie. Clearfield tied the the locals on February 17. The Red Raiders' mat 
supremacy was complete when they won the District 6-9 tournament. Dave Adams, Ken Moyer, 
Tom Musser, Larry Fornicola, and Bill Krebs won district crowns. Tom Musser won State honors at
              127 pounds.

In addition to his coaching duties, Mr. Smith teaches health and physical education. He is also 
junior varsity football mentor.

                                   First Varsity Wrestling Team                               

(1st row, l to r):  Budd Whitehill, Doyle Corman, Captain Don Hess, Tom Riglin, Joe Masullo.
(2nd row, l to r):  Bob Hull, Tom Cowen, Lee Smith, Bill Krebs, Bill Alterio.
(3rd row, l to r):  Harry McMullen, Bob Nellis, Pat Kelley, Dick Thompson, Sam Markle.
(4th row, l to r):  Coach Glenn Smith, Manager Cecil Baney 
1st row, l to r):  Tom Riglin, Allen Thal, Captain Don Hess, Larry Fornicola, Joe Masullo.
(2nd row, l to r):  Budd Whitehill, Bob McMullen, Tom Musser, Bill Alterio, Bob Hull.
(3rd row, l to r):  Bill Krebs, Pat Kelley, Sam Markle, Bob Nellis, Bob Whipple.
(4th row, l to r):  Coach Glenn Smith, Phil Levine.

1st row, l to r):  Jim Stem, Tom Riglin, Captain Sam Markle, Allan Thal, Joe Masullo.
(2nd row, l to r):  Dan Clemson, Larry Fornicola, Budd Whitehill, Pete Huey, Tom Musser.
(3rd row, l to r):  Bill Krebs, Ron Sager, Bob Hull, Pat Kelley, Bill Alterio.
(4th row, l to r):  Coach Glenn Smith, Bob Whipple, Ken Haupt.

(1st row, l to r):  Ken Moyer, Dave Adams, Tom Riglin, Nick  Delallo, Joe Masullo.
(2nd row, l to r):  Tom Saxion, Jim Stem, Bob Bird, Tom Musser, Larry Fornicola, Bill Alterio.
(3rd row, l to r):  Pete Huey, Bob Hull, Ron Sager, Bill Krebs, Gerald Evey.
(4th row, l to r):  Coach Glenn Smith, Bob Whipple, Pat Kelley, Russ Letterman, Manager Phil Levine.


(1st row, l to r):  Tom Bear, Blair Confer, Captain Tom Musser, Don Hyde, Ken Moyer.
(2nd row, l to r):  Dave Adams, John Warner, Larry Fornicola, Bob Bottorf, Bill Fisher.
(3rd row, l to r):  Coach Glenn Smith, Gerald Evey, Eugene Watson, Dennis Anderson, Russ Letterman.

Can you identify ...

John Warner, Bike Bottorf, Bill Fisher, Gerry Evey, Bob Heverly?

  *William "Bill" Fisher

Bill Fisher, a 1952 graduate of Bellefonte High School and a two-year varsity starter 
under legendary Hall of Fame Coach Glenn Smith, posted a winning career mat 
record of 18-8-2. In his senior year, Bill served as team captain and was District 6-9
and Central Northwest Regional Champion at 145 pounds. He capped off his splendid high 
school wrestling experience as a PIAA state semi-finalist.

Following graduation, Bill took his wrestling talents to Millersville State Teachers
College -- now Millersville State University -- where he compiled a highly successful
record. Returning home in 1956, Bill was hired to teach industrial arts,
and, to organize and coach the first wrestling team at Bald Eagle Area High School.
Bill served as Bald Eagle’s varsity wrestling coach from 1956 to 1960. During the 
1980's and 90's, he switched from varsity coaching to running BEA's junior high 
program -- producing several excellent wrestlers and teams. Retired now, from teaching 
and coaching, Bill resides with his wife and family in Bald Eagle Valley.
(Condensed from a BASD article)


Golf Team
(No picture available)
For the first time since before the war, BHS has a golf team; under the direction of Fred Bell. Reporting for the team are: Bill Seig, Wil Howard, Doug Smith, Dick Houser, Hal Harman, Clayton Young, Don Rote, Bob Heverly
and Tim Waite

Class Members:
Doug Smith, Bob Heverly, Dick Houser, Hal Harman, and Clayton Young



                 Captain - Robert "Mud" Davis

         Ken McMullen & Bob Davis

       Forest "Benny" Benford



Bob Bottorf

Learning to fish in Bellefonte

           My first fishing experience began when I was six or seven years old. Living in Bellefonte,   most people had some understanding of what fishing was all about; and I was anxious to learn, too.

          One of my older brothers, John Bottorf, was a good fisherman. He had several rods, and he kept them stored in the rafters of the "upper" back porch on our house; too high for me to reach. I always aspired to be like John -- doing the things he did. So, my first "copy cat" pursuit was to become a fisherman, like him

           Wanting to go fishing, but unable to "borrow / reach" my brother's rods and reels, I had to settle for cutting off a branch from a tree and tying some string to the end of it. Having no hook, I fashioned one from a Bobbi-pin. And digging in my backyard, I soon found enough worms for bait.

          Off I marched: down Logan Street, down Stoney Batter, past the Bellefonte Academy buildings, and on to Water Street. Taking a "quick right" when I reached the bottom of the hill, I headed down the railroad tracks behind the Universal Match Factory to Spring Creek, which wasn't far away.

          Hop-stepping across a small railroad bridge, with my fishing pole over my shoulder, I spied what looked like a good spot on my left, along the creek bank. I walked up to the water's edge with all of the confidence in the world ... knowing that I would catch some fish.

         Spring Creek flows through the entire lower section of Bellefonte. It was a favorite fishing site for anglers all the way from "Fisherman's Paradise" -- located on the State's fish hatchery grounds -- until it flows into Bald Eagle Creek. I used to swim in Spring Creek but I never paid any attention to the fish; until now.

         I parked myself along the stream with my stick (rod) and bait (worms). Gathering all of my confidence, I threw my line in the water, and was amazed at how that worm stayed on my Bobbi-pin hook. This was "no frills" fishing.

         Waiting for what seemed like hours, I finally got a bite. I jerked on the line, but I never stood a chance, the fish took my bait and swam away. It wasn't easy threading another worm on my home-made hook; but I stuck with it.

       About two hours later, I got another bite. This time the fish must have swallowed the bait because it stayed on the hook; I was lucky this time. While landing it, I yanked so hard with my rod that the fish flew up on the bank and began to thresh about. Until finally, I had to pound it into submission.

        I had caught a trout, and it looked like it was a foot long;  Boy! Was I proud of that fish. It measured out at seven inches, but it sure looked bigger than that.

        Keeping the line still attached to the fish's mouth, I put the pole back on my shoulder and  walked along the railroad tracks leading to the "main drag." Walking by the train station, I took a right turn and boldly walked up High street -- to the Diamond, the center of town. Turning right at  Allegheny Street, I pointed for home.  Passing  the "Murphy Store, " I was aware that I was getting some attention. It felt good.

        My mom cleaned the fish for me. Even after she cut off the head, it still looked like a good catch ... and it provided me with  a nice "snack."

        None of my other brothers, Ralph or Donnie, seemed interested in fishing -- which made it nice for  for me. When my brother, John, left for the Army in 1943, I acquired his equipment; and fishing immediately became more enjoyable. Good equipment makes a difference.

         I continually returned to the spot of "my first catch," It was always good for some catfish, suckers, or more trout. The only bait I used was the worm; worms were plentiful ... and they were "cheap." 

          Even as I grew older, I continued to fish using only a single hook and a sinker. For a while, I couldn't figure out why my line was always twisting, but I soon discovered that I'd better use some swivels. I couldn't use line all tangled up, looking like a bird's nest.

          Now that I had decent fishing equipment,  I spent most of my leisure time along one of the local streams. I don't remember all of the people I fished with, but I often took my sister, Sandy, along with me for company.

          I enjoyed fishing  with Harold Coakley and his  father -- we'd always bring something  home. But, Frank Jodon taught me the finer points of catching fish. "The art of fishing," as he described it. 

          Frank and I usually fished Spring Creek in back of the Sutton Engineering Company, and sometimes, we fished Logan Branch, too. During one of our fishing adventures, I stepped in a hole while wading in the stream. It was a tough ordeal getting to shore with my boots full of water. An experience any fisherman wants to avoid ... it can be frightening. 

           Many of you might remember Reynolds Avenue Playground; it was at the bottom of the hill, just below Carol Love's house. Spring Creek flowed in back of the playground. There was a popular swimming hole there, but it was a good fishing spot, too.

           My Bellefonte fishing memories are fond ones. And since I've retired, I fish as much as the weather allows. I also enjoy deep sea fishing, and I go to the Jersey shore as much as I can.

Review From the 40's - 50's


Athletic team managers: 
Ross Kitty Carlson       Phil Levine       Jimmy Miller


Matmen Tie Clearfield 17-17

95---Ken Moyer Dec. Dean Sease (C) 3-2
103--Dave Adams Dec. Conklin (C) 7-3
112--Sam Maranno (C) Dec. Joe Masullo 9-6
120--Glen Flegal (C) Dec. Bob Bird 9-0
127--Tom Musser Dec. McCorkle (C) 7-4
133--Larry Fornicola Tied Halford (C) 6-6
138--Nelson (C) Dec. Pete Huey 6-1
145--Maurey (C) Dec. Bill Krebs 3-0
154--Kay Shugarts (C) Dec. Bob Hull 10-9
165--Pat Kelley Dec. Johnson (C) 6-0
185--Bob Whipple Dec. McDonald (C) 8-1


Looking way back ... by Suzie and Bill Krebs '50 


Football Team's Annual Banquet Features One Time Mentor Of The Bellefonte Academy, Carl Snavely, the featured main speaker, was the coach of North Carolina University. Does the name 
"Choo Choo Justice"
ring a bell?


Courtmen Boast Four Experienced Letterman ....... BHS Cagers started practice under second year coach, James HarsanyiBill Mills, Wil Hauer, Jack Kershner, and Dick Wion are returning starters. Eugene McBride will probably replace the graduated Tom Knapik.


Fifty Mat Candidates Report To Coach Smith ............ Tommy Riglin, former 95 lb. champ, has grown like the proverbial bad weed and will move up a few weight classes. The same is true of several other wrestlers; namely, Allen Thal, Bud Whitehill, and Sam Markle.   

Returning lettermen are: Sam Markle, Dick Thompson, Tom Riglin, Bill Krebs, Allan Thal, Bob Hull, Budd Whitehill, Pat Kelley, Doyle Corman, Pete Huey, Bill Alterio, Joe Masulla, Bob Whipple, and 
Tom Musser


Two members of the Red and White sports staff, John Flynn, and Dan Clemson, have reported for basketball and wrestling, respectively. Watch their smoke ....


New lights for the football field are dedicated on November 4, prior to the Philipsburg football game.
                             Bill Krebs and Glen Walizer are elected to the School Athletic Council
                                    Raiders Down Mount Union on Bob Whipple's Field Goal, 15-0
Indian Cagers End Season With Victory Over State College ............ The Red Raiders made it three in a row, crushng State 43-37. Walt Manning and Tim Waite were high scorers for the raiders.          
Matmen Defeat Williamsport 38-8 .............. Ken Moyer remains undefeated. Dave Adams, Joe Masulla, Tom Musser, Larry Fornicola, Bill Krebs Pat "Irish" Kelley, and Bob Whipple score wins. Russ Letterman draws. (injured, Bob Bottorf)
Jay-Vee Grapplers End Season 3-1 .... Blair Confer and Bob Heeman scored wins in final meet with Philipsburg. Charlie Sager drew 2-2.


High Courtmen Complete '49 season with 6 wins, 2 loses ...Coach Ralph Dale's junior varsity basketballers finished off a highly successful season with a 37-36 triumph over Philipsburg. The Raiders lineup includes: Gene Teaman, Frank "Sonny" Lyons, Ken McMullen, Harold williams, Clayton Young, 
Dick Ishler, Dick Meckes, and Bob Bottorf.

New Varsity Cheerleaders

Donna Johnson and Mary Emily "Tootsie" Dann were chosen varsity cheerleaders, representing the class 
of '52. Other finalists were: Eleanor Markle, Carol Love, Georgie Dickson, and Melverna Fahr 

             BHS Golfers start pre-match drills; four meets scheduled ... 
For the first time since before the war, BHS has a golf team; under the direction of Fred Bell. Reporting for the team are: Bill Seig, Wil Howard, Doug Smith, Dick Houser, Hal Harman, Clayton Young, Don Rote,  
Bob Heverly
, and Tim Waite. 

     (5/17)Tribe loses to State High in second golf match on the long end of of a 131/2 to 11/2 tally on the Nittany Country Club green ...  Bob Heverly and Doug Smith competed in the second foursome. 



New Football Field completed for opening game (Seats 2500)