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Ed Dyke


Principal Welcomes Students

      "In the large school groups, keep your identity, bear in mind that your identity and personality can better prosper and develop as you participate constructively in the life of the school as a whole. Make the school year 1947-48 stand out as a milestone in your upward climb toward a successful life."
O.F. Sollenberger, Principal


The Big Spring
(Circa 1911)

The Inquiring 

Indian ...


Question: What do you notice first about a boy??

Faye Saxion -- his neatness
Donna Johnson -- his dimples
Molly Kellerman -- athletic ability
Carol Love -- size of his class ring
Jean Thompson -- his means of transportation
Lois Williams -- personality
Beverly Bush -- his eyes

Question: What do you notice first about a girl??

Gene Gentzel
-- her eyes
Milford Lucas -- her features
Phil Ramish -- everything
Wilbur Haupt -- looks
Wendell Smith -- her smile
Bud Dunlap -- nothing first, everything at once
(RED & WHITE / 1950)
Landmarks and Events

Nittany Valley Country Club
(Circa 1909)


School News Events From Our Times 


Do you remember the things that happened in ...

1951 - 1952 ...
12th Grade
BHS's 1952 Flaming Foliage Festival Representative
Geraldine (Tootsie) Boscaino

Ice Skating on the Commons

1950 - 1951 ...
 11th Grade
October --
Mary Dann Wins Foliage Queen
Escort is Ray
Mary "Tootsie" Dann



Three BHS grads exempt from taking English Composition I 
at Pennsylvania State college. 

The three, Joy Owens, Marcia Garbrick, and Mary Ann Beezer, 
were three
among only 47 exempt students of approximately 1700 required to take the test.
The exemptions are a reward for having high English grades. 

Boys 18 Years Of Age Must See Draft Board

Although the armed forces are not inducting any boys of 18 years at the present   time--and will not until further notice--all boys attaining the the age of 18 have certain obligations to meet under the Selective Service Act, according to Henry M. Gross, state director.

  1949 - 1950 ...   
10th Grade 

September --  Have you noticed:                                  
New Students 

     B. H. S. has done it again! The old walls have expanded for two more students; Pat Schad and her brother Frank, who are enrolled in the tenth grade academic course. They last attended Lago High School in Aruba, Netherlands West Indies, where their father was employed.

Girls vs Boys

     A minor battle of the sexes
seems to be going on in the sohomore class where the mistake (??) was made of electing all boy officers. We hope the gals win out so there will be a "Soph Hop" this year

        1948 -1949  ...       
9th Grade

April -- Bierly Wins BHS Photo Contest Prize.

Donald Bierly
was awarded first prize, a Kodak Dua-flex camera with a flash attachment, courtesy of Sam Poorman Sports. Donald's prize winning snapshot was named "Mind Your Manners."

September --
Have you noticed ....

New Students
Beverly Schlegal and Mary Jane Stickler

came to us from Lewistown. Her favorite subject is Algebra; and her pet peeve is getting up in the morning. She would also like to stop talking in her sleep. Bev's favorite song is the popular, "Let's take an Old Fashioned Walk."

     Mary Jane came to us from ...

October -- Red & White Drive nets 500 subscribers

November -- BHS dedicates new lights for football field. Prior to the Philipsburg game, the Lions and other organizations responsible for the erection of the fild lights will officially turn them over to the school board.

May -- Classes nominate Safety Patrol Candidates 

following were nominated from the freshmen class: Shirley Shawley, Sherry Kofman, Douglas Smith, Nell Richards, John Warner, Bud Dunlap, Pat Rhinesmith, Jim Walizer, Carl Krebs, Ed Dyke, 
Bob Shultz, Richard Meckes, Peg Hazel, Gene Teaman, Robert Bottorf, and Robert Davis.


     1947 - 1948 ...     
8th Grade

February -- Homeroom 216 wins junior high girl's basketball league
Homeroom 215 wins senior high school girl's basketball league

ce Skating Program
in full swing under recreation director Frank Hensch

                      Miller, Martin, Win Contest For New Song (Alma Mater)
committee reaches unforeseen decision by choosing seperate writers of words, music. Both winners were at one time students in Bellefonte High School: Mrs. Lenore Martin, director of of all senior high choruses, and William Miller -- composer of the song -- who is well known for his mastership of the piano and organ.

                      Varsity "B" Club Organized.     


            1946 - 1947 ...            
7th Grade

August -- The Bellefonte American Legion Band wins national championship in       New York City. The Legion Band won the national championship by playing a concert in Central Park. The band received the top score of 81.5.  The Bellefonte band participated in the parade ... leading all the other musical organizations from Pennsylvania

                      The Bellefonte High School Band and majorettes placed second at the 
Elks State Convention at Erie. Because they were a junior organization, they were in a class with drum and bugle corps and were beaten by the Beaver Falls Drum and Bugles Corps. The Bellefonte majorettes, Alice Yeager, Peggy Smith, Mary Corl, Betty Torsell, and Lois Boob were also awarded second prize.                   

                   April --              

     Seventy-five students making up almost nine percent of the student body received positions on the honor roll for the 5th – six week marking period ending April 23.

 Junior High School

7th Grade

BOYS – Robert Eminhizer, Tommy Garbrick, Hal Harman, Eudell Corman, Robert Thompson.

                GIRLS – Joan Benner, Georgianna Dickson, Malvena Fahr, Margaret Fisher, Sherry Kofman, 
Carol Love, Shirley Martin, Phyllis McMullin, Glenda Rine, Lois Stewart, Jean Thompson.

     8th Grade

          BOY -- Benjamin Sinclair
                        GIRLS -- Janey Noll, Betty Stover, Donna Symmonds.

        9th Grade

Tom Davies, David Keller, Wm Krebs, Mike Quigley, Thomas Riglin.
                                       GIRLS -- Eleanor Albright, Elizabeth Beezer, Nancy Crawford, Barbara Hamill,  
                    Clara Sheckler, Elizabeth Torsell

The Centre Democrat

1943 -- *E. R. Bigelow, of Lewistown, has been named manager of the Bellefonte A & P Supermarket to succeed Guy Baughman who has been called for Army service. Mr. Bigelow has been with the company for the past 15 years.
                * Barbara Bigelow's ('52) dad.

                Dr. Russell Galt, dean of Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, will deliver the commencement address to members of the Senior Class of Bellefonte High School at graduation exercises to be held in the new auditorium on Tuesday, June 22.

                The Bellefonte High School Chorus held its annual dinner in the cafeteria of the new Senior High School Friday night. Over 175 persons attended.