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Welcome to the Bellefonte High School
Class of 1952 Alumni Web Site
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Home of the RED RAIDERS

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President's Message

I had the unique privilege of being elected president of the
Bellefonte High School graduating class of 1952.  What a great class!
Our parents were children during World War I and lived through the
Great Depression. We were children of World War II and went on to help
build the greatest economy this nation has ever known.  Our members
are scattered from the East Coast to the West Coast, from the southern
states to Canada, yet many of us stayed close to home in the
Bellefonte area. Our class members include doctors, nurses,
homemakers, secretaries, electricians, mechanics, educators,
policemen, bankers, soldiers, farmers, business men and women,
and--oh! yes--one weather man.  We have received many degrees, awards
and ranks, and most of us have reached the ultimate "grandparent" status.
We can be proud of the values and character we developed at Bellefonte
High School.  We can also be proud of the positive influence we have
had on today's society.  What a great class we were!  What a great
class we still are!

Jim Walizer, President
Class of 1952
(195 Members)

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President ---------- James Walizer
Vice President ---------- Robert Shultz
Secretary ---------- Peggy Fisher
Treasurer ---------- Mary Dann Smith

Ms. Lenora Martin and Mr. Frank Hensch


The dear old halls of B.H.S.
We leave with much regret
The years that passed, so very fast
We never will forget.
We're proud to live in America
The land of the brave and free.
And we must love this glorious land;
Its churches and schools - its liberty.

Now to this school, we leave for aye
We shall say goodbye.
We'll always remember, as time passes on,
Our dear old Bellefonte High

Malvena Fahr Hersh

Alma Mater

Alma Mater, Thee we honor,
Thee we praise with lofty song.
Proudly stand upon thy threshold
We thy sons and daughters strong.

Alma Mater, may we ever,
Fight the fight of wrong and right
With thy banner flying o're us
Rippling streams of Red and White.

Alma Mater, teach us faith.
Teach us truth and loyalty.
Grant us wisdom, give us knowledge,
Fairest school, all hail to thee.

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